Winter 2018.

As you can see from my previous Christmas Market post here, Europeans love their Christmas Markets. During the season, we traveled to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, to experience their market. It did not disappoint.

Located in Western Europe, the tiny country is landlocked between Germany, France, and Belgium. The drive to Luxembourg from our home near Kaiserslautern was smooth, with only rain dampening the mood. Most of the ride was on the autobahn, making the location easily accessible from many areas.

When we got to Luxembourg City, we could see where the market was located almost immediately. It was dark when we arrived, but the lights lit up the sky. We were able to find parking (free on Sundays!) in a lot about a half-mile from the city center. During our walk to the market, we passed through a park with a fountain and were able to get a glimpse of how beautiful the city must be in the daytime and without rain!

Drinks were available for purchase at this Christmas Pyramid

The market was different from the market I had attended in The Netherlands. The Luxembourg Christmas Market was more similar to a traditional market. From the market, you could see the Fortress that once surrounded the city, now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There were SO many vendors located around the main square. They had everything you could think of: food, wine, beer, gifts. The vendors were friendly and eager to show you their goods.

Decorations were beautiful and reflective of the season. A Ferris wheel, bungee jump area, and other rides were available for children young and old to indulge in. Several beer and wine tents were on hand to quench thirsts obtained while wandering the gift stands. We enjoyed some fresh glühwein and decided to keep one of the souvenir cups. A unique element about Christmas Market vendors is that you pay a deposit for your cup (let’s say 2€) with the price for the drink. Once you drink the beverage within, you can return the cup to get your deposit back, or you can keep your glass as a simple reminder of your trip!BLUE-CHRISTMAS-TREE-LUXEMBOURG-CHRISTMAS-MARKET

If you worked up an appetite, which you definitely would have wanted to, there were various options to fill up! I had two different meals. The first was raclette, a cheese that is melted and served atop potatoes, meat (usually ham), and some pickles and pickled onions. This dish was so incredibly fresh that the cheese was actually warmed and placed on the plate right before my eyes. Delish! My snack before the drive home was a hot dog, but not a simple dog with ketchup and mustard. Oh no, this hot dog was covered with thin potato chips and onions. It was also delish!

If raclette or hot dogs aren’t your thing, don’t fret. There were plenty of sandwich stands, fresh pretzels, and even freshly smoked salmon sandwiches. The salmon was smoked on-site, and the smell was to die for! *drool*

Luxembourg City is a great walking city. We visited on a Sunday night, so many shops were closed, but that did not upset us. We were able to walk through the cobblestone streets and experience a new country and its capital. It looked like the residents of Luxembourg City are well off and enjoy lavish lives.

World War II Memoria

We did not explore the city entirely, so I hope to return and experience more of what it has to offer. Additional points of interest in Luxembourg City are Grand Ducal Palace, the home of the Grand Duke; Adolphe Bridge; Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Casemates du Bock, and the Luxembourg American Cemetery and World War II Memorial.


Until my next adventure,

Robyn ♥

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