Christmas in Budapest

Known for its relaxing thermal baths, Budapest, Hungary, is a great place to spend Christmas. Find out why!

Cruising the “Naples Princess”

Naples, Italy, isn’t the only Naples out there! Naples, Florida, is another beautiful location with great beaches. A wonderful way to get a glimpse of its scenery is a ride on the “Naples Princess.”

Schloss Neuschwanstein

The famed castle nestled in the Bavarian countryside is known for being the inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella’s castle.

Keukenhof Gardens

For about two months of every year, Keukenhof is open to the public. Approximately 7 million flowers span the 32 hectares of land. Rain or shine, the gardens are a place to see! Keukenhof, located in the Netherlands, will be open from March to May 2020.

Luxembourg Christmas Market

Luxembourg, a small land-locked country in western Europe, features one of the most adorable Christmas Markets in the area. Food, music, gifts, and plenty of gluhwein are available to enjoy. Read more about the Luxembourg Christmas Market here!