Naples, Italy, isn’t the only Naples out there! Naples, Florida, is another beautiful location with great beaches. Located on Florida’s Gulf of Mexico, Naples is the perfect combination of city life and beach bumming.


With a prime location on the Gulf, there are many opportunities to witness the pure affluence of the area. Many families have large mansions along the coast, which are easily visible via a ride on the Naples Princess.


Royalty for a day

A luxury yacht, the Naples Princess is fit for princes and princesses alike. After boarding the yacht, guests may visit the bar for a cocktail and enjoy the sights from either of the two decks. I enjoyed the view from the top deck, while also getting to work on my tan.

As the yacht travels along the Naples Bay and Port Royal, the Captain narrates the trip and identifies the history and notable homes. Some of the most famous (and large) homes belong to the Pabst beer family (PBR) and the Rooney family, who own the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. The original home of Mary Kay from Mary Kay Cosmetics is also located in Port Royal.

The cruise lasts for about an hour and a half, which is just the right amount of time. If you’re lucky, you’ll witness some dolphins in the water. I did, and it was my first time. That was definitely the highlight! 🙂

Visiting Information

Tickets for the Naples Princess can be purchased online or in-person and range between $45 and free (children under 2).  You can choose between two afternoon sightseeing cruises, a lunch cruise, and a dinner cruise. No matter what you choose, you will not be disappointed with the Naples Princess.

Channeling our inner Jack and Rose from “Titanic”

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